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Welcome to the SLO Pickleball Club

  • We are First & Foremost about having fun … you'll find friendly folks who would love for you to come and join us in a game.
  • It provides exercise for our bodies while we are having fun. The game is good for your coordination, your reactions, your muscle development and your mental health.
  • Lastly, San Luis Obispo has the best weather for playing pickleball on the Central Coast!

Come join us! We guarantee you’ll have fun! Questions? Email Us

City Rec Dept Recommends Restricting Pickleball on Lower French Court

The SLO Parks and Recreation staff has recommended to the SLO Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC) that Pickleball access to the Lower French Court be significantly restricted. The staff report can be accessed here.

The issue is agenda item #4 for the meeting to be held on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chamber at 990 Palm Street.

If this concerns you, you should 1) send an email to the Commissioners email address,, with the subject line of PRC Communication expressing your concern, 2) attend the meeting or 3) both. Without input from Pickleball players using the French Courts, the schedule will be changed as recommended by staff.

Learn to Play

  • If you've not tried this fast growing sport… We have Free Lessons on Thursdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Lower courts at French Park. See below for location details.
  • Before coming to our Free Lessons, please view this short video describing the basics of Pickleball. Click here for additional tutorial videos.
  • We will have all the equipment for you to start playing. Just come to see what the game is about.
  • Interested in the History of Pickleball, click here.

For more information about learning to play, click here.

Improve your Skills

Whether you want to gain skills to play in tournaments or just be more competitive during recreational play, skill development can be an important part of your pickleball life. Many players find that there are at least two benefits from visiting to understand the game better and to work on skill development.

First, YouTube has many tutorials on skill development. Just visit and search for pickleball. Some of those are linked in our Learn / Improve page.

And second, there are many videos of tournaments played around the country. Viewing these players will give you an idea of how really good players play.

Periodically, the club will offer Skill Development sessions. Keep your eyes open on this website for our next session.

Where we play

Join us as a member as we create opportunities to play by 1) supporting the development of new facilities, 2) providing balls and nets and 3) planning social and skill development events.

Click Here to find out about Membership and to make Online Dues Payments. Questions? Email Membership Chair Diana Contasti

Open to ALL Skill Levels

Challenge Ladders are designed to create good competition, and a high level of fun, while increasing our member’s skills.

We have separate ladders for men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

Find a partner and come join the fun!

View Current Ladders

"The Slam Dink", Our Newsletter

Click Here to see ALL the newsletter issues. To submit an article or for more info, contact Publicity Chair Betsy Asmus email

Click Here for all the latest Club News including Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Contact Us

Board of Directors / Officers (2020)

President, Brian O'Kelly email (805) 610-5186

Vice President, Connie Hanretty-Church email

Secretary, Diane Harrison email

Treasurer, Katie Arndt email

Director, Ken James email

Director, Roar Berg-Johansen email

Director, Jesse Lee email

USAPA Ambassador, Jean Hyduchak email

Board of Directors (2019)

President, Brian O'Kelly email (805) 610-5186

Vice President, Connie Hanretty-Church email

Secretary, Betsy Asmus email

Treasurer, Katie Arndt email

Director, Ken James email

Director/USAPA Ambassador, Jean Hyduchak email

Director, Roar Berg-Johansen email

Join the Gang

Want an official SLO Pickleball Club t-shirt or sweatshirt? Just contact J. Carroll, a local specialty merchandise company, and order one with our CLUB logo. Tell them you are a member.

Official Club Color is TURQUOISE


113 Cross St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 595-1000