Sizzling Summer of Pickleball

Skills & Drills - 2018

Proposed Plan: A three-part series of summer clinics designed to strengthen the skills of SLO Pickleball Club members. Clinic coaches will be club members considered to be advanced players and participants will be club members at all skill-levels. Participants will start on one court and rotate every 15 minutes to the next court. A minimum of 12 members need to sign-up for each clinic. The starting 12 players will train on all three courts before additional players begin training.

Dates: July 17, August 14, September 18

Location/Time: Upper French Park (basketball court) on Tuesday mornings;

9:00-10:30. All three courts will be used during clinics.

Schedule of Clinics

July 17

Court 1: dinks & short game Coach: Diane

Court 2: 3rd shot drop and/or volley Coach: Bonnie

Court 3: lob shot Coach: Greg

August 14

Court 1: dinks & short game Coach: Bob

Court 2: 3rd shot drop and/or volley Coach: John

Court 3: slam & scoop Coach: Roar

September 18

Court 1: dinks & short game Coach: Dixson

Court 2: 2nd shot drop and/or volley Coach: Bob

Court 3: serve & return Coach: Lindy / Katie

Registration Info: Players need to register in advance for each clinic date. The first 12 registrants will constitute the first rotation, (group 1), and will train for approximately 45 minutes before group 2 will begin. Players may sign up for all three clinics but will only be in one group 1. After the registrations are received you will be notified what groups you are in via email.

Registration Instructions:

Registration will begin Sunday, July 8th for all dates, at 1:00 pm via Email Only

(email must be time stamped 1:00 pm 7/8/2018 or later to count)

Clinic Coordinator: Connie Hanretty Church;

Include the following information in your email:


the dates you would like to attend 7/17, 8/14, or 9/19

Priority for group 1. List all your dates in order of preference.

If you have any questions you can email Connie or Brian