Upper French Park Courts Construction

The SLO Parks and Recreation department has incorporated the addition of 3 three permanent pickleball courts into their 2019 plan for French Park. The courts will be placed on the concrete pad currently used for basketball. These new courts will bring the total to 7 courts at French counting the 4 existing temporary courts set up on the tennis court.

The existing basketball court will be recreated on the site of the existing sand volleyball court. The new basketball court will have lines striped for a temporary pickleball court.

August 30: Mostly completed courts - still waiting for gate to be completed.

August 28, 2019 - Almost completed new pickleball courts. Just waiting for new fencing around the courts.

Construction Begins - July 29, 2019

Construction has begun on the remodeling of French Park. The initial work has begun on the old sand volleyball court with tree trimming and demolition of the curb around the court. We hope to meet with the construction boss to understand the scheduling of the upcoming construction.

The plan:

Pickleball Courts at French Park.pdf

Plan for new permanent Pickleball Courts.

Old Basketball Court - July 29th

Remains of the Sand Volleyball Court - July 29th