FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When or where can I find a pickup game or a game to join

View this page on the website, Play in SLO, for details about the venues.  In the City of San Luis Obispo, there are two main venues, French Park and Meadow Park.  

Meadow Park has 3 temporary courts available on MWF mornings while French Park has 3 dedicated courts and 4 courts on a multi-sport area.   

The French Park permanent courts are available from dawn to dusk daily and the multi-sport courts are available daily for pickleball except on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when they are reserved for Tennis players.

Both areas use a paddle rack system for allocating courts when the courts are busy.  French tends to be the busiest location with the most experienced players.  You will be able to get a game any morning between 9 and noon at French, either at the dedicated courts every day or the 4 multi-sport courts every day except Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Meadow Park, with its limited hours reserved for Pickleball, may not provide as much an opportunity for a pickup game.  However, Meadow tends to be the location that newer players choose to play as they begin to advance their skill and experience level.  Beginner lessons are held at Meadow on Saturday mornings; if interested, sign up at the City of San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation website.

Obviously, the above is a broad generalizations with regard to skill level and opportunity to play.

Do I have to be a member of the SLO Pickleball Club to play at the SLO Pickleball venues

No, the courts are City owned and available to anyone in the city.  There is no charge to play, but the City asks that you obey the rules set up for players and the Club encourages good sportsmanship while playing.  The SLO Pickleball Club works in conjunction with the City to represent players, provide lessons and foster the adoption of additional facilities among its roles.  We certainly encourage players to join the Club to help the Club in those roles.

What skill level do I need for the Skills and Drills sessions?

That is not a easy question to answer.  You certainly should not be a very beginner.  You should have basic skills of ball hitting and ball returning; and confidence to play a game with existing players at the local venues.  The sessions will have a ball machine that throws balls to you at a relatively quick rate of every 5-10 seconds and with moderate speed.

How do I get involved helping the SLO Pickleball Club?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the operation of the club, its management and its activities.  Shortly, there will be a page devoted to volunteering.  Until that time, just contact one of the club officers or a board member with your interest.

I have an idea for a new club activity, who should I contact about that idea?

Just contact one of the club officers or a board member with your thoughts.