Pickleball Club Donates Nets to City

November 3, 2020 -

The SLO Pickleball Club has donated two professional quality portable net systems to the City of San Luis Obispo to be used on the multi-sport court (previously tennis court) at French Park.

These nets have been locked up since the start of the pandemic due to the City's restriction on group activities. By donating them to the City, these nets can now be used for play on the multi-sport court.

According to Brian O'Kelly, club president, "this is win-win transaction in that the pickleball community gets to use these nets and there is no cost to the City". This donation is valued at $3,000 and is one of the ways that the club members help support all pickleball players.

Join the SLO Pickleball Club to support all players in our community.

SLO pickleball players surrounding the nets donated to the City.