New Lesson Sessions

February 15, 2019

At the most recent Pickleball Club board meeting, Directors voted to relocate the Free Lessons program for new players from Ludwick Center on Wednesdays to the upper French Park courts on Thursday mornings. According to Brian O'Kelly, club president, the following considerations influenced the decision:

  • Three courts available.
  • Courts are full size.
  • New players will be part of the pickleball community with other play taking place close by.
  • We will have more time on these days for lessons and practice.
  • Easier for us to supervise and provide instructors.
  • Lessen equipment needs. (nets)
  • Consolidating Pickleball activities at French will make it easier for people to find us.

The current plan is for this transition to begin on Thursday, March 14 at the upper French courts. The last Ludwick session will be March 6th. Current attendees at Ludwick will be notified and signage will be posted. Details for sessions after March 6th will be provided shortly.